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Lulia love

Parenthood is a crucial journey for every mother, and one of the founders of Lulia is also a mother. With the arrival of a new life, she deeply understands the challenges of being a parent. To help more parents navigate the difficulties of feeding with ease, she decided to create a thoughtful breast pump. Thus, Lulia was born in 2015

Lulia's breast pump is not just a cold, mechanical product; it is a warm companion. Care for families is infused in every detail. It is not merely a tool but a family member that understands the need for care.

Embracing Motherhood

In the heart of Lulia lies a commitment to embrace the journey of motherhood. We stand as a haven for modern moms. From advanced breast pumps to nurturing accessories, Lulia is your trusted companion on this extraordinary adventure.Cherish every moment that celebrates the essence of motherhood, naturally and wholeheartedly. Welcome to Lulia, where motherhood is cherished and celebrated.

PureCare Joy

Indulge– where quality meets affordability with a commitment to using food-grade materials. We care for mothers, crafting products that embody love, comfort, and a nurturing touch. Experience the essence of motherhood, beautifully curated for you.